Benoit Bediou

Benoit Bediou
Post-doctoral Researcher at CISA, University of Geneva
General Information

In September 2011, I joined Daphne Bavelier's group (Brain and Learning Lab) at the university of Geneva.


From October 2007 to October 2011, I have been working at the CISA as a post doc. My research focused on the interplay between emotion and decision-making in human combining behavioral economics and game theory with neuroscience methods (mainly EEG and physiological recordings). Across different studies, I investigated (i) self-reported and physiological reactions to random arbitration in a competitive gambling task, (ii) the neural correlates of commission and accuracy errors in a shoot/no-shoot task, (iii) neural correlates of risk and reward in a sequential decision-making task, (iv) the interaction between (a) personality, (b) attitudes toward risk and ambiguity, and (c) framing, on financial decision making, and (v) the egocentric flexibility of fairness norms in an ultimatim game with joint-production. 

Before that, my research had covered two main topics: I did a Ph.D in neuroscience with Pr. d'Amato at the Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier (University Lyon 1, investigating the clinical, cognitive and neural correlates of facial expression processing impairments in various neurological and psychiatric populations, with particular emphasis on schizophrenia. I then did a post-doc in Andy Calder's lab at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge ( in collaboration with Martin Eimer from Brikbeck school of psychology, University of London ( There, I investigated how individual variations in specific personality traits modulate the spatiotemporal neural processing of facial expression. I particularly focused on the interactive effects of (i) aggression-related personality trait (e.g., reward drive or appetitive motivation) on the electrocortical processing of facial signals of aggression and (ii) trait-anxiety on the spatiotemporal brain responses to fearful facial expressions. 

Current Research

My research focuses on the impact of action videogames on emotion. Current projects investigate:

(i) emotional perceptual decision making (involving psychophysics methods and modeling)

(ii) diagnostic information for dynamic emotion recognition (using reverse correlation methods, in collaboration with Philippe Schyns)

(iii) interaction between emotion and attention (using EEG)

Selected Publications
Bediou, B, Koban, L., Rosset, S, Pourtois, G., Sander, D. (2012) Delayed monitoring of accuracy errors compared to commission errors in ACC. NeuroImage 60, 1925-1936.
Koban, L., Pourtois, G., Bediou, B, Vuilleumier, P. (2012) Effects of social context and predictive relevance on action outcome monitoring. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience XY(3), XX-XX.
Bediou, B, Mohri, C., Lack, J., Sander, D. (2011) Effects of outcomes and random arbitration on emotions in a competitive gambling task.. Frontiers in Psychology 2, 213.
Gelmini, L., Rochas, V., Krolak-Salmon, P., Poulet, E., Saoud, M., Brunelin, J., Bediou, B (2012) Disrupting Pre-SMA Activity Impairs Facial Happiness Recognition: an Event-related TMS study. cerebral cortex in press, in press.
Bediou, B, Brunelin, J., D'Amato, T., Fecteau, S., Saoud, M., Hénaff, M-A., Krolak-Salmon, P. (2012) A comparison of facial emotion processing in neurological and psychiatric conditions.. Frontiers in Psychology 3, .