Janna Hastings

Janna Hastings
PhD Student

I am a computer scientist by training and have more than a decade of experience in creating rich applications in support of sophisticated business automation.  Since 2006, I have been involved in the development of scientific ontologies for standardisation and machine reasoning in the life sciences, and in chemistry in particular.  I joined the CISA in 2010 to work on a new ontology for the affective sciences, the Emotion Ontology.

Current Research

Affective science conducts interdisciplinary research into the emotions and other affective phenomena.  Currently, such research is hampered by the lack of common definitions of terms used to describe, categorise and report both individual emotional experiences and the results of scientific investigations of such experiences.  Ontologies are machine-readable tools which provide formal definitions for types of entities in reality and for the relationships between such entities, definitions which can be used to disambiguate and unify data across different disciplines. Together with collaborators at the University at Buffalo's National Centre for Ontological Research, we are developing an Emotion Ontology to address the need for standardisation and intelligent applications to support sophisticated data mining and scientific research in the affective sciences. 

The full ontology is available for download from https://emotion-ontology.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/.

Selected Publications
Hastings, J., Ceusters, W., Smith, B., Mulligan, K. (2011) Dispositions and processes in the Emotion Ontology. International Conference on Biomedical Ontology Buffalo, USA , .