Carolina Labbe

Carolina Labbé Rodríguez
PhD Student at FPSE, University of Geneva

PhD candidate affiliated to the Aesthetic Emotions focus on music and emotion together with Kim Eliard and under the direction of Didier Grandjean.

Obtained her Master of Science in Psychology specializing in cognitive and affective psychology at University of Geneva where she did her thesis on the individual differences in emotion regulation according to empathy style in a helping relationship under the supervision of Susanne Kaiser and Katia Schenkel.

Current Research

I am currently working on the Social Interaction and Entrainment using Music PeRformance Experimentation (SIEMPRE) project.

Though generally interested in the processes involved in the induction of musical emotions, I will be focusing on brain wave synchronization and rhythmic entrainment using EEG during music listening for the SIEMPRE project.