Camille Ferdenzi

Camille Ferdenzi
Post-doctoral Researcher
General Information

My research activities in psychology of olfaction are generally related to social olfaction, developmental aspects of odor perception, and interindividual differences due to gender, culture and environment. Since January 2009, I have been working on a large cross-cultural comparison of the semantic space used to describe odor-elicited emotions. Moreover, I am currently mainly involved in a project on human attractiveness, involving developmental and multimodal approaches (body odor, face, and voice perception).


I started working in psychology of olfaction in 2001 with a project on a cross-cultural project (Centre Européen des Sciences du Goût, University of Burgundy, Dijon, FR), before doing a PhD on children's odor perception, involving developmental and differential psychology, in the same laboratory. After I graduated in 2007, I had my first postdoctoral experience at the University of Liverpool, UK, in evolutionary psychology, on body odour perception in mate choice and family contexts. My second postdoctoral experience (2009-2010) at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva, CH, consisted in investigating cross-cultural differences in odor-related affective feelings. While pursuing this research, my main research activity is focused on developmental and multimodal aspects of human attractiveness.

Selected Publications
Ferdenzi, C., Delplanque, S., Atanassova, R., Sander, D. (2016) Androstadienone’s influence on the perception of facial and vocal attractiveness is not sex specific. Psychoneuroendocrinology 66, 166-175.
Ferdenzi, C., Fournel, A., Thévenet, M., Coppin, G., Bensafi, M. (2015) Viewing olfactory affective responses through the sniff prism: Effect of perceptual dimensions and age on olfactomotor responses to odors. Frontiers in Psychology , .
Ferdenzi, C., Delplanque, S., Vorontsova-Wenger, O., Pool, E.R., Bianchi-Demicheli, F., Sander, D. (2015) Perception of men’s beauty and attractiveness by women with low sexual desire.. Journal of Sexual Medicine 12, 946–955.
Ferdenzi, C., Delplanque, S., Mehu-Blantar, I., Da Paz Cabral, K., Domingos Felicio, M., Sander, D. (2015) The GEneva Faces And Voices (GEFAV) database. Behavior research Methods 47(4), 1110-1121.
Delplanque, S., Chrea, C., Scherer, K.R., Schaal, B., Ferdenzi, C., Wathelet, O. (2013) Quelles émotions sont provoquées par des odeurs? Quels sont les mécanismes sous-jacents? Et comment peut-on les mesurer?. Odeurs et émotions: Le nez a ses raisons Editions Universitaires de Dijon Dijon , 85-113.