Tom Cochrane
Post-doctoral Researcher
General Information
Foci: Aesthetic Emotions During my time here I have generally been working on the relation between aesthetics and emotions. Right now I am planning with Didier Grandjean (psychology) and Wiebke Trost (neuroscience) to do some experiments in musical expression. I have a myspace music page here.
Selected Publications
Cochrane, T. (2009) 8 dimensions for the emotions. Social Science Information. Special issue ‘The language of emotion: conceptual and cultural issues’ 48(3), 379-420.
Cochrane, T. (2010) A simulation theory of musical expressivity. The Australian Journal of Philosophy 88(2), 191-207.
Cochrane, T. (2009) Joint attention to music. The British Journal of Aesthetics 49(1), 59-73.
Cochrane, T. (2008) Expression and extended cognition. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 66(4), 329-340.