Toward Commercial Applications of Affective Computing

special issue of IEEE Transactions on affective computing


This special issue focuses on the next step toward commercial success of affective computing: systems that can both recognize affective states and efficiently respond to them outside the laboratory. In order to create this bidirectional link between the human and the machine, we hope to involve not only the affective computing community, but also other scientists and engineers who work on related topics such as artificial intelligence and user modeling. We particularly encourage submissions about commercial or commercializable applications.


Topics of interest:

  • novel decision-making algorithms for affective computing,
  • modelling the user's preferences as a basis for affective feedback,
  • algorithms that can learn online to compensate for interpersonal variability,
  • decision-making algorithms able to handle unreliable affect recognition,
  • measuring the effect of an affective system on the user,
  • user experience studies of existing affective computing systems,
  • simultaneous analysis of multiple users' affective cues,
  • applications in several domains, including: driver and pilot monitoring, health and wellbeing, entertainment, multimedia indexing and retrieval, education and training.


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