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    Cova, F., & Jaquet F.. (2012).  Conséquentialisme, déontologisme et vertus. La Morale: Ethique et sciences humaines.
    Cova, F., & Jaquet F.. (2012).  Qu'est-ce que l'utilitarisme. La Morale: Ethique et sciences humaines.
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    Cova, F., & Kitano Y.. (2014).  Experimental philosophy and the compatibility of free will and determinism: a survey. Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science. 22, 17-37. (545.32 KB)
    Cova, F. (2014).  Frankfurt-Style Cases User Manual: Why Frankfurt-Style Enabling Cases Do Not Necessitate Tech Support. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. 17(3), 505-521. (162 KB)
    Feltz, A.. (2014).  Moral responsibility and free will: A meta-analysis. (Cova, F.., Ed.).Consciousness and Cognition. 30, 234-246.