Pride is not created equal: Variations between Northern and Southern Italy

Authors : M. Mortillaro, P. E. Ricci-Bitti, G. Bellelli & D. Galati

Abstract :

Pride is one of the most culture-sensitive emotions, and cultural variations have been identified in its appraisal, expressive, and subjective feeling components. Such differences have been related to the societal values of personal achievement and honour. On the basis of the GRID questionnaire, we investigated how the prototypical meaning of pride changes between two groups of Italian speakers (one from the North and one from the South of the country). For historical, economic and linguistic reasons, indeed, Northern and Southern Italians may show slight differences with regard to their emotional cultures. Results showed that there are small variations in the meaning of pride (for the appraisal and feeling components) and that these differences are reminiscent of those found between collectivistic and individualistic cultures. Findings are discussed on the basis of the potentially different importance of the orientation towards others for Northern and Southern Italians.Pride; Appraisal; Feeling; Intra-linguistic; Italian; Meaning; Language; Italy

Keywords : Pride; Appraisal; Feeling; Intra-linguistic; Italian; Meaning; Language; Italy